The processing of waste materials to create new products is called recycling and approximately 75% of all household waste is recyclable. Almost every bottle; whether glass or plastic, containers, cardboard, newspaper, magazines, office paper, tree trimmings, garden clippings, pallets and coconut shells, among other things, can be recycled.

Recycling saves energy and conserves resources. Moreover, it extends landfill life, reduces harmful emissions, creates local employment and even increases foreign exchange. In fact, the use of recycled substances in lieu of raw materials during the manufacturing process saves a substantial amount of energy.  It eliminates the need to extract, refine, transport and process the raw materials in order to render them industry ready. This in turn reduces greenhouse gas emissions and helps tackle climate change.

Waste paper which includes cardboard, newspaper, shredded office paper and telephone directories are recovered, baled and exported off island. While items such as plastic, electronic and metals are recovered and sent to local recyclers for consolidation with their stock and then shipped off island. Finally, green waste; coconut shells, pallets, grass and tree clippings are turned into coconut fibre, compost, animal bedding, mulch and woodchip products and items from the rock and soil stream are processed into sieved soil and boulder for land reclamation fill.

Where to deliver Recyclables?

All recyclables can be delivered to our site at Vaucluse, St. Thomas and placed into the single stream recyclables skip at the public drop off area.

Please see the Contact Us page for operating hours

Although similar in effect, the composting or other reuse of biodegradable waste – such as food or garden waste – is not typically considered recycling.

Unacceptable Waste

  • Medical Waste
  • Chemical Waste
  • Infectious Waste (Dead Animals)
  • Liquid Waste (Sewage)
  • Radioactive Waste
  • Asbestos
  • Fiber Glass – (Air Conditioner Ducting)

Please Note:
Vehicles with any of the above items or anything else deemed as unacceptable by staff will not be permitted to enter and/or unload at the facility.

Acceptable Waste

  • All household / Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)
  • Construction and Demolition Waste
  • Green Waste
  • Rock & Soil