Product and Services

Our mulch products are all organic materials and can serve in a variety of applications to suit your extensive needs. Using our products is not only beneficial to you but to our environment. We also offer land reclamation products. Our aim is to meet the needs of the client by whatever way possible.

What is Mulch?

Mulch is any material placed over soil in the garden. It is designed to retain moisture, deter weeds and keep the soil from eroding.

Some Benefits of Mulch

  • Protects the soil from erosion
  • Reduces compaction from the impact of heavy rains
  • Conserves moisture, reducing the need for frequent watering
  • Maintains a more even soil temperature
  • Prevents weed growth
  • Keeps fruits and vegetables clean from soil splash
  • Allows access to garden even when damp
  • Provides a “finished” look to the garden

products developed at the facility

Product List

Green Waste Mulch

  • Excellent Soil cover
  • Soil conditioner when a nitrogen source is added
  • Controls soil erosion
  • Can be used as a raw material by adding manure for composting

Coconut and Wood Mulch

  • Decorative cover / Adds beauty to landscape
  • Provides a protective layer over the root system of plants
  • Enhances the aesthetics value of the beds by creating an enhanced uniform look
  • Reduces water cost and application
  • Suppresses weeds
  • Can be used as animal bedding
  • Porous properties repel snails

Hand Picked Coconut Fibre

  • Excellent growing media for plants in pots and troughs
  • Used in greenhouses with anthurium lilies, orchids and mushroom cultivation
  • Protection for agricultural plants similar to tomatoes, cucumber, watermelon, sweet pepper etc. as it acts as a barrier between the soil and vegetation, whereby eliminating soil splash onto the food, avoiding the spread of fungus from soil

Wood Chips

  • Best when treated for termites in applying near wood structures
  • Excellent cover for footpath
  • Great weed suppressant – apply 4″-6″ thick

Top Soil

  • Ideal for gardens where drainage is a problem or consist of clay
  • The screening process eliminates rocks and weeds
  • Suitable for plants to easily take root and fully establish themselves

Land Reclamation Fill

  • Consists of clean filled waste material
  • Excellent for restoring disturbed land by erosion, mining, etc. to as near as possible to it’s original state

Mulches provide additional organic matter and a modest input of nutrients to soil as they slowly break down.
Be careful to keep untreated wood chip mulches several inches away from the trunks of trees or the stems of smaller plants and shrubs.
Please note the above products (except hand picked coconut fibre) can be purchased in either 30litre bags or by the tonne.