About Us

Sustainable Barbados Recycling Centre, Inc. (SBRC) was formed in early 2008, following the successful formation of a contract with the Government of Barbados to have a centralized location for the handling of all the waste on the island, where accurate measurements of waste quantities can be made, where the opportunity is provided to dispose of waste in the most environmentally and cost effective manner and to prolong the life of the Government Sanitary Landfill located at Mangrove in the parish of St. Thomas, Barbados

The contract is a 20 year one under a Build, Own, Operate and Transfer agreement.

SBRC receives and processes the island’s solid waste. The principal objective of the facility is to divert waste from the Sanitary Landfill. The immediate benefit to the Government and to Barbados is less waste going to the landfill and an extended landfill life. Long term benefits are numerous, not least being the reuse of materials which ultimately would be replaced with imports if no recycling is implemented.

The facility comprises of the following structures:

  • Office Building
  • Public drop-off
  • Scale-house
  • Transfer Station Building
  • Electrical Substations x 2
  • Workshop
  • Storage Buildings
  • C&D Materials Recovery Facility (MRF)